We are 4 years old

Today Bakealicious turns four. If there is anything I have learned over the last little while, it is to celebrate every little good thing that happens.

Bakealicious started as a way and means to avoid emigration. It started with a KMix mixer (which I keep meaning to get serviced) a couple of baking trays, a gas oven which allowed me bake a tray of brownies or two in one go and a lot of blind sightedness.

However, soon realising what was expected and required, I learned. I am still reminded of that St Patrick’s Day that Dad helped me put a gazebo up in the snow…hindsight is a wonderful thing.


That gazebo came with me to Sheridan’s Cheesemongers when I joined their farmers market in August 2013. With Sheridan’s help, I grew the Bakealicious brand and was allowed inside their shop to create my own space, which meant the gazebo could retire. (RIP 2013-2014) Residing in Sheridan’s meant that I became a part time cheesemonger, or at least pretended to customers I worked there while swiftly advising them to speak to a member of staff. Bakealicious gained many a loyal fan from Sheridan’s (some of whom are now very close friends) and began to supply wholesale to cafes, restaurants etc.

Working for yourself, or being self-employed, can be lonely. You have no one to bounce ideas off, well I had up until Bran my 12 year old Cocker Spaniel retired, however, you are always employee of the month. Wanting to sell cakes is just not as simple as whipping up a few cupcakes and selling them at a farmers market. There’s so much more to it than that. Tax, accounts, ordering, emails, banking, cleaning, legal stuff, the list goes on.

So what I have learned from working for myself for 4 years? Never take anything too seriously. Always ask for help. Coffee = LIFE! Sick day? What’s that??! Dance when times are stressful…or anytime you feel like it! Take advice from people you trust and who know about the business, but no one else. You make so many friends, from all different backgrounds, walks of life. Disco naps are great! Midnight cake parties in the bakery create good memories. Hugs are the best kind of encouragement. Most importantly, be creative, trust your instinct, do not waver from your idea and don’t look at what others are doing around you, it’ll only dilute what you set out to achieve and work hard!

Christmas 2013, I was asked what my goal was for Bakealicious before I’m 30 by someone who I now consider a friend. I replied to have a shop where we serve tea in china tea cups and people can have good cake. That the exterior of the shop was pretty and that we would have a window seat for said person to sit when they visited…I think we hit that goal…on to the next one!