Bakealicious is 5 years old

Well, it’s official, Bakealicious has been my baby for 5 years today. Yep, for 5 years I have done nothing except nurture, grow and obsessively think about Bakealicious and so far I think I’ve been a good mother.

Owning a cake company is all those things you think. Delicious, buttercream filled, delightful, but it is also early mornings, late nights, computer work filled lunchtimes with a splash of a coffee addiction.

Working for myself for the past 5 years has taught me a lot of things!!! I could bore you with a tale of how hard it is and how little sleep you will get and the most chilling thing of all…I don’t actually eat as much cake as many of you think. However, this is not an account of doom to frighten you. It is more so a reminder to not to be too hard on yourself because working for  your own company is a lot of fun…I promise!

Do not be a lone wolf

Solely running a business is next to impossible, you cannot be a lone wolf. You cannot grow without the help of other people. If you are offered help, grab it with both hands and do not let go. If I was to count up all the free hours of labour that my family and close friends have done for me, I would be up for slave labour. If you need help with certain parts of your business, then ask! You cannot be wonderful at every aspect of your work. Two heads are better than one.

Trust your gut instinct

If you feel that an idea or task is going or not going to work for you, then trust your instinct. How you feel about jobs, tasks and ideas will usually be dictated by this. If your heart is not in it, it is best to stay clear of it!

You’re never “off the clock”

Time is not yours. You work all the time!  You may not physically be working but if the mood takes you and your non-stop obsessing about what kind of hampers baskets would make products look best at 11.30pm on a Sunday night, then yes, go with it and look them up. This may seem excessive to some, but to me it is something that could be ticked off your never ending list of ‘to-do’

Be creative

Bakealicious was started on €200…and money ‘borrowed’ from my parents, mainly for a the investment of a gazebo. From there, we grew, and everything I earned from Bakealicious was reinvested. We spent money where money needed to be spent, but it is surprising where a creative mind can get you. Our logo is designed by Cillian (see point one for exploitation of family members), our ‘wallpaper’ is none other than permanent marker and our love for doodling and all furniture, fittings and cutlery is from either charity shops or second-hand stores but somehow it all fits together.

There are highs and there are lows

Working for yourself is a roller-coaster. Some days are marvellous and you feel on top of the world. Others are not and for those, a bath and early to bed is the only answer! However, there is never a day that I don’t like going to work. It’s challenging, everyday is different and when you see how things improve on a monthly basis, you are encouraged.

So, here we are, 5 years on. I have grown Bakealicious from an idea, to making a few cakes for people, to a market stall, to last year opening a shop and employing people. Always have a focus, always be positive, always work hard and always say thank you!