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We provide a range of great cakes, bakes and bread using natural ingredients – below we answer questions about our spelt bread, dairy free creations and a whole lot more – take a look!

10653496_732783070145831_152960050599216135_n So, I heard that your cakes and bakes are made with all tradition and delicious ingredients, tell   me more!

This is true. Bakealicious prides itself on quality and only uses the best ingredients available. We only us organic Spelt flour, Irish butter, free range eggs, Irish rapeseed and camelina, pure vanilla extract and all other good things. We also like to use fruit and vegetables when in season. To view our menu, click here

All your products are made with Spelt flour…so spill, what’s the different between Spelt and Wheat?

Spelt grain is wheat grain’s ‘hip and cool’ ancient relation who is a trend setter and that all the boys want to be like and all the girls want to be with. He is all about being natural and therefore doesn’t like preservatives, bleaching and isn’t highly processed. He doesn’t conform.

And as he doesn’t conform, Mr Spelt doesn’t cause your body hardship. A lot of people find spelt flour to be much better for their digestive system – hence we make spelt bread and bakes. It is awash with nutrients that do not get destroyed as it isn’t over processed. And lastly as it doesn’t contain any chemicals, pesticides or preservatives, one can relax in the fact that this cake does not contain harmful properties such as carcinogenic effects.

That’s all good news, but what if I want a gluten and/or dairy free creation, can you cater for me?10411120_749518408472297_931816426063591430_n

Bakealicious offer gluten free and/or dairy free cakes and bakes.

These ‘Free From’ cakes are available in all flavours on the Bakealicious’ menu and taste the exact sameas our conventional cakes. Please note that all cakes are prepared and baked in the same kitchen, however best efforts are taken to ensure that cross contamination does not occur. We are also hoping to include egg free options too.

Ok, now talk to me about your size guide for cakes?

The size of cake that you need depends on:

  • How many guests do you have
  • Are you using it for dessert or as tasters
  • Would you like to save some cake for after

The size guides are displayed below:

Size (Round) Portion Size
6 inch round 30 fingers/15 desserts
8 inch round 60 fingers/ 30 desserts
9 inch round 80 fingers/ 40 desserts
10 inch round 100 fingers/ 50 desserts
12 inch round 140 fingers/ 70 desserts



Finger slices are cut 1” x 1” Dessert slices are 2” x 1”

Please note that sculpted customised cakes will vary in the amount of portions

Sounds good to me! Ho10513301_736126146478190_3670525739023358727_nw much will one of Bakealicious’ creations cost?

Cakes vary in price as no two cakes are the same.

Our simple cakes (i.e. buttercream iced) start at €25 for an 8 inch

All cakes are three layers with filling between each layer.

Please note that further decoration will incur an additional charge.

It is best to get in contact for a more accurate quote.

If you would like a cake flavour that is not on the menu, please don’t hesitate to ask.

In addition, to see our full price list of other products available please click here

For customised unique cakes, price will depend on design and number of portions required.


How can I order and how much notice do you need for orders?

You can order by phone, email, Facebook or Twitter. All our contact details are available here

For smaller orders, a minimum of 72 hours’ notice is required. These include traybakes and smaller cakes. Larger celebratory cakes and customised cakes a minimum of two weeks is required. Wedding cakes will require a minimum of 3 months’ notice.

A deposit of 50% is required on orders and can be paid through Paypal, cheque, cash or bank transfer with the remaining 50% paid upon delivery or collection.

Do you deliver?

Delivery is available at an additional cost. Price for delivery depends on your address.

So, for all your spelt bakes, spelt bread and dairy free and gluten free needs Bakealicious is here to help – contact us.