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Cupcakes (12)

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Cupcakes (12)

Lemon & Raspberry Cake
Lemon zest sponge filled with raspberry jam & topped with lemon buttercream

The Classic
Naked vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam & topped with vanilla buttercream

The Victoria Twist
Naked lemon sponge filled with lemon curd & topped with lemon buttercream

Lime & Coconut
Lime zest and desiccated coconut sponge
filled with lime curd and topped with creamy coconut buttercream

Coconut & Raspberry
Coconut madeira cake filled with raspberry jam &
topped with coconut buttercream filling covered in coconut

Coffee & Almond*
Coffee sponge topped with coffee buttercream icing
sprinkled in toasted almonds

Strawberry Dream
Vanilla cake topped with fresh
strawberry buttercream icing a fresh strawberry

Bitter Sweet
Luxurious chocolate cake filled with raspberry jam
and smothered in chocolate ganache

Classy Carrot*
Traditional spiced carrot cake with walnuts and sultanas
topped with vanilla cream cheese icing

Lightly spiced banana cake with pecans & pineapple
topped with vanilla cream cheese

Maple & Pecan*
Maple & chopped pecan sponge filled with maple syrup buttercream
topped with chopped pecans

The Dark Knight
Tall, Dark and Handsome decedent chocolate cake filled
with salted caramel and topped with chocolate ganache…swoon!

The Elvis
Rich chocolate cake topped with peanut butter frosting…fit for the King himself

Red Velvet
Natural coloured Red Velvet Cake topped with cream cheese icing

Rhubarb & Vanilla Bean
Very light vanilla sponge cake filled
with rhubarb jam and topped with rhubarb & vanilla bean syrup frosting