New Year’s Revolution

Seen as it is the season, recently we got talking about New Year’s Resolutions in the shop and it turns out that no one really makes them…or keeps them for that matter. However, I like to believe that New Year’s is a good time to challenge yourself with something that may make a difference to not only you but to other people.

A few years back, I decided I was going to avoid buying clothes in “Fast Fashion” shops. It is something that I have surprisingly stuck to and have noticed it has made a difference to how I think about clothes and the quality of clothes I buy. I like to think it has made a difference to others too by reducing my footprint on clothes going to waste, because let’s face it no one want to buy second hand Penneys clothes, and by stopping supporting the unethical conditions that these clothes are produced in.

This New Year, we decided to make a change to how we live to our coffee and tea drinking lives. When I opened the Bakealicious’ shop last December, the second thing on our list, after finding a good coffee supplier, was to source compostable Irish made cups. We get our cups from Down2Earth Materials in Cork and hand stamp every cup. We like to think that for every compostable cup that leaves here, we contribute a lesser carbon footprint on the environment than if you bought coffee in another cafe. It takes some regular coffee cup up to a decade to decompose; it takes compostable cups 90 days.

We also are introducing an incentive for customers who bring their own reusable cups a discount of 20c for every cup of coffee, which is the price of a compostable disposable cup.

Now, this is where you come in. Yes it is nice that we use only compostable cups and yes it is nice that we operate a discount for those of you who bring your own reusable cups but this isn’t enough. Our little café can’t change the ways of other establishments offering take out coffee and tea. However, you can! By making a suggestion to your local favourite coffee shop that they switch to compostable cups rather than the regular cups, by support cafés where they already use compostable cups and by buying yourself a reusable cup. Call it a New Year’s Revolution rather than New Year’s Resolution.