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Christening Cakes

A Christening is a special occasion for any family and if you’re looking for Christening cakes for a boy or girl we would be delighted to craft it.

We offer a wide selection of traditional and modern christening cakes. Whether it’s pink or blue we can create right cake for your new addition and you.

BChristening cakesakealicious has plenty of experience in creating special cakes for special days. Whether you want something in the more traditional vein or are interested in one of our contemporary spelt cakes – we will happily provide for you.

Some people prefer the more traditional when it comes to cake decorations, while others are more interested in the contemporary alternative. So, whether you want something more demure or are looking to incorporate a little adventure and fun in your celebrations, we have the answer for you.

We Provide Girl or Boy Christening Cakes

Ordering from us is simple, all you need to do is contact us via the email form or alternatively give us a phone call with your details and ideas and we’ll do the rest.

We offer all sorts of cakes and are renowned for our spelt flour based bakes and offerings.

All of our cakes are made with pride and our ethos is to use only natural ingredients in our bakes. This means our cakes, like all our cakes, are free from preservatives, synthetics, enzymes and stabilisers among other things found in the more commercial variety of cakes.

Christening Cake Toppers

If you’re looking for spectacular Christening Cake toppers this is also something that we provide and can decorate your cake in the very manner you describe to us. You can even pick it up from our cafe.

So, whether it’s a flower posy, a teddy bear, baby’s booties, a fantasy character or even a creation of your own choosing – we can create it.

Our professionalism is second to none and I’m a highly trained baker with a degree in baking and plenty of previous experience in creating boys baptism cakes and girl bChristening cake for boyaptism cakes.

What to look for when choosing a christening cake for a girl or boy.

You have brought a little bundle of joy into the world and now you have decided to have them christened which means you have a lot to organise!

Not only do you have to arrange the church, the venue and catering, you have to arrange the christening cake, which is always the most enjoyable part!

Just like choosing any other cake, getting your christening cake right is important because you want it to be perfect while reflecting on what the day is all about. Of course, to get it right means you have to do your homework and find out everything that there is to know about making the right decisions which will help you to choose the right cake.

So what things do you need to consider?

Baker of the Cake

Having your christening cake specially made provides you with the opportunity to customise it. This means that you can choose to have almost any design and colour you wish. However, this will mean that you need to choose the right baker. The baker will help you consider the options available while they will also offer you their advice and guidance. It is important that you choose a baker with a good reputation as well someone who is trustworthy. Take a look online, read reviews and speak to people. Their feedback will help you to make your mind up. There is also the feeling you get from speaking directly with the baker. If they are friendly, approachable and professional then they are more than likely the right baker for you.

Delivery of the Baptism Cake

As your christening day will be in the diary, you will need the cake completed by a specific time. You need to ensure that the baker can deliver on time because a christening without a cake is just not right. Again, reviews will help you to find out whether they deliver on time, while it is not a bad idea to touch base with the baker a few days before hand to make sure that they are on schedule.

boy baptism cakeThe Design of the Baptism Cake

You may already have a design in place. If this is the case then you can give your idea to your baker and let them get on with creating it. If you have no idea at all then it is time to gain inspiration from a number of places. Magazines, websites, blogs and Pinterest can all provide you with ideas. However, your baker should be able to show you a range of designs that they have already made but remember you can make the cake as unique as you want.

Taste – Pink Christening Cake for Girls and Blue for Boys

If you have chosen a design that looks fantastic then you are going to want it to taste fantastic as well. While many choose to play it safe and opt for fruitcake, it is not always a winner so you could opt for a lighter cake such as a sponge or if you have a tiered cake you could have different flavours on each layer.

Christening Cake Dietary needs

It could be worth considering whether any guests have dietary requirements because there is nothing worse than having guests who cannot enjoy the cake. Ask your guest’s way in advance of passing your requirements to your baker as this will enable them to deal with any needs.

Make sure you get consider every option when it comes to choosing your christening cake because you want it to resemble what the day is all about but you also want your guests to enjoy the design and the stunning flavours that you have put so much effort into getting right.

So, if you are looking for a beautiful cake, made to the highest artisan standards then Bakealicious would love to create it on this special day. So, why not contact us via our contact page or phone about your Christening cake.