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Wedding Cake Meath

Bakealicious has provided dozens of happily married couples wedding cake Meath and beyond for half a decade now. From humble origins, we have provided Meath couples with wedding cakes and cupcakes that have delighted their guests on innumerable occasions.

Let us be the team that makes you a unique range of bespoke wedding cakes and cupcakes. Our staff is the best option when it comes to giving you what you want, be it a cake topped cupcake tower or just something it s traditional tier design. We can deliver on designs that can feed four people or a more as two people. We have different beautiful wedding cake and cupcakes tenderly handcrafted and freshly bakes from scratch making them the ideal center piece for your auspicious occasion.

How to Choose Someone to Make your Wedding Cake

Getting the perfect cake or cupcakes will need you to do your homework and know the steps to take, which are:

  1. Working With A Real And Reputable Bakery  – Wedding Cake Meath

Such a bakery will have a commercial kitchen and only staff allowed, no children or animals. It will be an insurance business that understands and upholds set food safety standards and has a certification from the health department.

The said bakery will have a team of bakers that willingly cover for each other in the event a member is absent. Also, the team will have an exceptional tasting, baking, and cake design skills that are the secret to moist and tender products make from scratch. So why take the risk of working in a one-man shop!


Please take caution when working with caterer or venues that coerce you to buy your wedding cupcakes or cakes from then under the guise that it is part of their “service package.”  In most cases, they will quote and exorbitant “cutting charge” if you are coming with your cake. The truth of the matter is the caterers and venues are not Bakers by profession and thus will not make you the perfect cake no matter how they sell the idea to you.

  1. Schedule For A FREE Tasting Appointment On A Weekday

It is important you be physically aware of that you are getting and this dictates that you book a tasting appointment, preferably on a weekday. The cake samples the bakery provides should be free. First, you should have an idea of when you want to visit the bakery for the tasting appointment, with you can inquire from the bakery so that you can set your schedule to ensure it suits both you and your bakers. Be prepared to:

  • To give your spouse’s name and yours (the bride and groom) as well as the contact details (personal phone number or home phone number). It also will be wise to exchange emails address with the bakery.
  • You may have to give the name and location of your reception venue to the cakes to be delivered there, that is if you do not plan to go and personally pick up the cake.
  • To give the number of guests. You also may have to decide if you want a single wedding cake by Meath bakery Bakealicious or one done for the bride and groom separately.
  1. Prepare For The Appointment – Wedding Cake Meath

Even before you decide to visit a bakery, you should have an idea of the kind or type of cakes you want. You can start your research online so that you can decide if you would like a round or square cake or something with different shapes or if you want a contemporary or traditional design. You also should have an idea of the color of the cake, design (stacked or columns), and detailing you would like.

Decide if flowers will be a nice touch on the cake and if they should be fresh flowers or sugar flowers and which varieties regarding shape, size, and color you would prefer. Pick your color carefully as you factor in the wedding’s theme. You can bring some sample fabrics, pictures of the bridal team’s attire and well as that of the groomsmen. The bakers can draw inspiration of the perfect cake to bake from these items.

If you want separate cakes for the bride and groom, then both should be present to give their ideas of what they would want to be done for their respective cakes. The groom’s cake may not have elaborate detailing, but it should say a lot about his personality, nonetheless. Do a groom’s cake can also be an excellent means of ensuring your guests get a serving and also reduces the overall costs compared to making a single big wedding cake by Meath bakery Bakealicious.

How many serving do you want? It should match the number of people you expect at the reception. As you think about it, also decide if you want the cake serving to your guests if you will have a seated dinner of having them pick what they prefer from a dessert bar that offers a variety of cakes and cupcakes.

Settle on the size you want, the width, height, and kilos though you can reach a better conclusion as to what would be best after consulting with the bakers. The cake can have one or two dummy layers and the bottom to make them look large, and the layers also help to minimize the wasted of the cake during servings. Even so, the dummy layers will also take some time to decorate and make them similar to the real cake.

Fondant or Frosting? Both are a great option that can give amazing results, but fondant is the best choice if you are going for something that is close to perfection. Fondant is right to pick if you the wedding cake is to be painted; it creates a protective layer especially if the wedding is to be held outdoors (cakes require temperatures that are less than 75 degrees). Painting over the frosting gives unsightly results; hence, the fondant is done over the frosting which should be about two or more layers. The best quality fondants such as Choco Pan and Satin Ice taste fantastic but will come at an extra cost if the fondant is to be done with the wedding cake.

Meath wedding cakes Have rough estimate or budget in mind as you set the tasting appointment. The bakery will be able to stay on track by ensuring they give you options that are lower, exactly or slightly above your set financial capacity. Many cakes are priced around 4 dollars to six dollars per serving, and this may go higher depending on the size and design of the cake. So, do not go for very intricate designs or detailing to avoid having higher costs than expected. Remember that, after the bride, the wedding cake is the second most photographed piece in a wedding and so what you will be spending money on is a memory about your special day. If you want a Meath wedding cake, we can help!

  1. Enjoy The Tasting Appointment – Wedding Cake Meath

The bakery will present samples to choose from to give you an idea of how your wedding cake will look and taste. Enjoy your time at the tasting appointment; it should be a remarkably charitable and gratifying experience. Do not forget that your guests will remember your wedding cake, how it looked and tasted thus the need to have something that looks beautiful and tastes heavenly.

Go for an informative yet fun cake design. Talk with the designer and give your ideas as you listen to the various options the designer present to you. At the end of the appointment, you should leave knowing that you have picked a cake that suits your tastes and expectations.

What’s Next?

Follow the guidelines covered above, and you will find an exceptional cake that is a memorable and prominent part of the wedding. Remember to:

  • Pick your favorite flavor options and allow the bakery to help you narrow down your options to those that will best suit your wedding cake or cupcakes.
  • Make a deposit (around half the full price), which will be an assurance that you will not fail to come collect your cake. Make sure that you inquire about the deposit refund policy; most established bakeries refund deposits, at a 50 dollars’ administrative fee, a month prior to the wedding date.
  • List the items you may need to show the bakers and when the bakery will need these items.
  • Confirm that the bakery has your right contacts including your email address.


Bakealicious would be delighted to make your wedding cake in Meath or anywhere in the Leinster area – just contact us for details. We’d be delighted to help.