Spring is springing at Bakealicious

So January has pasted and our shop is beginning to become a little more home like to us. The walls are slowly filling up with processions and niceness and the ideas are still flooding in.

We got over Christmas…just…and now are looking forward to 2017. We have many, many things planned for this year but first, what are our opening hours? Well, Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 6pm. We hope to open Sundays from Easter time on.

We are back in our holiday home of Sheridans Cheesemongers, Pottlereagh, Kells, every Saturday. The ever so lovely Niamh, is holding reigns down there for us while I fly (in a non-superhero way) between Sheridans, delivering orders and the shop on Saturdays.

So, what is new with us or what are some of our plans for the shop. Well…we just want to do nice cake, tea and coffee as it suggests on the sign over our door. We want our shop to be an extension of what we have created in Sheridans. That we build that community feeling, that you the customers can come in, sit and read the papers (which we have every day) while eating and drinking nice cakes and beverages.

We offer a limited, but nice, menu of savoury items. We use all our own breads to make sandwiches etc. Avocado on toast, toasted cheesy sandwiches using Sheridans 15 Fields and Raclette and we also offer 2 different daily sandwiches which will be dictated by what is in season. In time, we may adjust this menu as seasons tell us what we should be offering but for now, that is it.

Outside of what we do in the shop, we offer birthday and occasion cakes to you. We have a full list of what we have to offer below:


Furthermore, as this is the season to be loved up and Valentine’s Day approaches, we know not everyone wants roses and they are thinking about their tummy, so we have devised edible gifts, a menu of which I have added below:

For now, these are our plans…well maybe to invent more nice cake combinations and have a bit of a laugh. Until next time, keep watching those pies.