We’re getting there slowly!


It is one week since Bakealicious has moved into Old Cornmarket, Navan and things are moving along nicely. I finally understand how all those women feel who are featured on Grand Designs and become the project manager to building their new home. Although I have no hard hat, hi-vis jacket or caravan, I do have Excel spreadsheets, the task of watching those pennies, saying where sockets should be and the duty of ensuring everyone has enough hot chocolate, tea and coffee.

Photo by Christian McManus

Photo by Christian McManus

I hope to be open by December 8th or 9th; although there may be a smell of fresh paint. The coffee machine arrives this Friday, which I am so excited to have. We are slowly but surely getting there!



I have chosen tiles, wallpaper, paint and have the chosen furniture in storage. The presses, work tops and storage units will all be made soon. My poor Father has brushed the dust off his carpentry skills and is doing a mighty fine job. I show him a picture of what I want and he builds it…what more should I ask for?!


Think that’s floral sorted for now

I sourced an alarm from Phone Watch who then put me in contact with his friend who works with Eir who then told us about his mate who works for Bord Gais…I mean easy peasy!

Close but no cigar

Close, but no cigar!

Thank you to all the well-wishers who have either phoned, messaged, Whatsapped me or I have met when on the hunt for supplies. It really is reassuring. Opening a shop is stressful. Opening a shop at Christmas is idiotic, but hey, it will be alright!