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Indulge yourself with an afternoon tea from Bakealicious. Our afternoon tea is available for collection only currently. We offer you one of the best afternoon tea in Meath. 

Treat yourself and your friends or family to our decadent afternoon tea which is perfect for sharing. Create new memories with the people you love.

What comes in our afternoon tea? Well, of course there will be tea. Our afternoon tea also includes a selection of savoury sandwiches made on our own bread, sweet cones and a selection of some of our most popular cakes in mini form.

Our afternoon tea is available for collection from our shop, or for delivery around the Navan area. Just pick local delivery when ordering to see if you are eligible for delivery.

Not only do we do afternoon tea for adults, we can make it for children too with the same delicious treats just adjusted for children.

Booking is required.

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Afternoon Tea History

We all know the feeling – we get to around 3 o’clock and get a little bit tired and groggy. We get easily distracted and our minds start to wander. The perfect solution for this is a little snack. Today, this is usually a coffee and a biscuit or pastry. Historically, the fancier of those amongst us would have scoffed at this and instead opted for afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea has had a rise in popularity over the past twenty years. Known for small finger sandwiches, little cakes and scones and of course tea. It is a time for you to sit back, eat and talk. We can thank one woman for the entire concept of afternoon tea.

The First Ever Afternoon Tea

Tea itself had a long history in England before the very first afternoon tea showed up, being common since the 1660s. However, it was still the preserve of the rich and wealthy at this time due to its big price tag. At this stage, the aristocracy ate a little different to how we do now. They would have a big breakfast, small lunch and then a big dinner in the evening. With the advent of kerosene lamps in the 1840s, this dinner time was pushed out even later.

Enter our main protagonist – Anna Russell, the seventh Duchess of Bedford. Anna would begin to feel hungry late in the afternoon and was looking for something to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner. She started to order some bread, cake and tea around mid-afternoon and asked her friends to join her. Thus afternoon tea 1.0 was born.

Tea On The Rise

Anna went to London and brought her afternoon meal with her. This became popular among the aristocracy in London. Anna’s friend Queen Victoria even joining in, enjoying a light sponge with fresh cream and raspberries and birthing the Victoria sponge. With tea of course.

As the numbers grew, tea moved to the drawing room and in fine weather out to the garden. Tea was still a rare commodity at this time so serving it to large audiences in your fancy garden was a show of wealth. It was a relatively informal event, with guests being invited by note or by word. Guests sat in relaxed chairs, with tea being served on low tables.

Tea For Everyone!

By the 19th century, tea had become much cheaper and so more and more people were drinking it. Fast forward to the 1920s and music was added to the event. The super wealthy would have full orchestras attend their events, but tea dances became popular and accessible to all.

What Counts As Afternoon Tea?

Today, afternoon tea is served as an event rather than as an everyday occurrence. However, the essence of it have not changed much since its origins. It is still made up of a selection of teas, finger sandwiches and bite size cakes and pastries. The only difference is currently scones with clotted cream are an addition, entering the fray in the 1920s.

Yes, you do need to book for out afternoon tea. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for our afternoon tea.

We are based in Old Cornmarket, Navan, Co. Meath. 

We like to think we offer some of the best afternoon tea in Meath, thanks to our laid back and more easy going approach. You will still get that some classic afternoon tea experience but without the worry of being underdressed for the occasion. 

See the types of afternoon tea that you can try to shake up your experience and try something new. As we covered before, the history of afternoon tea is long and varied. To give you a quick rundown, afternoon tea was served to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner in the 1840s as dinner was typically served late in the evening. It became popular for women to sit and chat during these events and was a relaxed space to do it in. Check out our afternoon tea ideas here.

Over its history, a variety of afternoon teas have popped up, below we will give you a run down of the different types of afternoon tea.

Types of Afternoon Tea

High Tea

High tea is actually not related to afternoon tea and historically is a working class affair. It was usually served early on in the evening in the 18th and 19th century. It consisted of tea, bread, cheese, meat and veg. The high in high tea refers to the table, usually the main dining table in a house.

Cream Tea

Scones were not always a part of afternoon tea, only becoming popular in the early 20th century. It took a number of things for scones to become a feature of afternoon tea. With the rail network becoming more popular and letting people travel more, days out became more common. Thanks to refrigeration, fresh cream could be brought and kept fresh on trains for an extended period of time. While on the trains, travellers would be served tea with scones, jam and cream.

Travellers then brought this tradition with them. Thus, cream tea was born.

Add strawberries to this affair you have got yourself a cream tea. Add one or two sweet bits to a cream tea and then that is classified as a light tea.

Another variation which is definitely not traditional is champagne afternoon tea – simply afternoon tea with champagne.

Afternoon tea commonly comes in the form of doilies, frilly table cloths and vintage teacups. However, it need not be just the one experience. You can take your afternoon tea in whatever direction you want that suits you best. Read on to see some afternoon tea ideas to make your event a bit more special.

Dress Your Table

Put a table cloth on your table to jazz up the event and give it a special feel. Tablecloths can be found in nearly all fabric shops or if you want something a little different you can try a few different vintage shops. They may throw up something a little unexpected.

On top of this, you can add some bunting to add some colour. This doesn’t have to be anything special, just something extra. You can break with tradition a little more and can do some fancy place names in calligraphy. If you are feeling really adventurous you can bake some biscuits with your guests name on them.

Afternoon Tea Ideas – Drinks

Of course it is not afternoon tea without some tea. You can go for any kind of tea you want, from popular black tea to some exquisite herbal teas. Serve these however you want, in a mug, pot, fancy china, whatever you want. Earl Grey, camomile, mint, etc. are all commonplace at afternoon tea. Milk and sugar should be on the table too, but that should go without saying.

If you want to try something a little different, why not introduce some iced tea? An easy and interesting way to put a twist on the traditional afternoon tea.

Savoury Food

This is where you can start to make the afternoon tea your own. The gloves are off at this stage. Traditionally, finger sandwiches would be the choice of the day here. However, it is your afternoon tea so you can do whatever you want. Make sausage sandwiches, Rueben’s, toasties – whatever you want.

If you’re going more traditional then egg and cress, smoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese, etc. are the choice for you. They are usually served without crusts and in bite sized fingers.

Sweet Treats Afternoon Tea Ideas

Anything can go here really. Scones, slices, full cakes, pastries are all on the table so to speak. Whatever you want is perfect here, everything can go.