Birthday Cakes Meath

At Bakealicious we love making birthday cakes Meath. We are the ideal spot for you to get your ideal cake made for you and your big occasion.

All of our cakes taste as beautiful as they look. They are all made with spelt flour, Irish butter and Irish eggs because we think the best ingredients make the best cakes.

Well how do our cakes look? For birthday cakes we have three styles

  • Classic which is our original style with a signature swirl.
  • Fruit and Floral which is our classic cake turned up with edible flowers and fruit added to give your cake a little something extra.
  • Splatter cake is our own creation that is a little extra fusing an electric look to create something modern and vintage all at once. 
As you can see, we have plenty of choice for birthday cakes and can provide you with something that will be just what you want.
If you have an idea for your birthday cakes Meath, just get in touch with the button below. You can order through our website, pick a date and be ready to go. Booking has to be done 48 hours in advance, with Sunday and Monday being closed off to orders. You can customise and detail what you want when ordering from our website.
 So just click, order and collect.
birthday cakes meath

Birthday Cakes Meath

Finding the perfect cake isn’t easy, you have to make a lot of considerations. First off, what kind of birthday cake would you like? The classic is our take on the cake that can do everything. It is perfect for a child’s birthday all the way up to a granny or grandfather’s. It is elegant and graceful as well as being casual and low-key. 

Our fruit and floral cake is a little bolder but still perfect everyone and every occasion. It brings some colour and nature to your cake – ideal for something a little bit more special or for someone wanting something a bit different. It is the perfect middle ground for a birthday cakes Meath.

Finally, our most out there cake – the splatter cake. It is full of colour and is bright and fun. It takes inspiration from the 80s with its flashes of colour and neon splashes.


Picking the right cake flavours for you birthday is generally not an easy task. You have to make a tonne of considerations. Deciding on not only what do you want on your big day but what will suit the occasion is difficult. Read on to see our run down of all of our occasion cake flavours so you can make the right decision.

Different birthday cake flavours fit into different events. A lemon and elderflower cake may not be the perfect choice for a bunch of children who may find the taste a little bit funny. However, a chocolate cake may not be suited to a refined dinner party style event. Then you have the old reliable classics in the form of vanilla and raspberry or lemon.

As you can see picking your birthday cake flavour is not easy. If you want, you can read our run down of flavours and after years of selling them what the general consensus is about them.

Vanilla and Raspberry: The old reliable, an absolutely classic choice. The vanilla and raspberry is the perfect choice for every event. It is ideal for an occasion where you have a lot of people to please with a massive variation of tastes.

Lemon & Elderflower: Time for something a little bit different. It epitomises summer – fresh, clean and crisp. Give people something surprising and refreshing with the lemon and elderflower.

Coffee & Praline: Another classic flavour choice. Coffee and praline is best for an older audience as the flavour may be a bit strong for children.

Salted Caramel & Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake: Need something that can bridge the gap between classic and also different and new? Well then here is your ideal flavour. It is a little bit different and perfect for nearly all occasions.

Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake: Is there anything better than a good chocolate cake? Perfect for those more decadent events and loved by all ages.

Carrot & Pecan: A classic in full sized form. Usually only served in small slices, a tiered carrot cake is exact pleasant surprise that some will love and some will not.

Red Velvet: The American classic has become an increasingly popular choice as time has gone by. The red sponge and white icing makes for a striking look.

Rhubarb & Vanilla: A little spin on the classic. The perfect twist for anyone looking to give their guests a little surprise.

If you have any questions about your cake flavours, then just get in touch with us today.

When you purchase a birthday cake from Bakealicious, you are getting a delicious and indulgent cake that is sure to be perfect for every party. We have a selection of cakes that are perfect for whatever occasion you have in mind. So go ahead and make this event extra special.

All you have to do is go ahead and order online and arrange a time for pickup from our shop. You can even choose from a range of gluten free, dairy free, vegan or gluten and dairy free. This means we have a cake perfect for every occasion and every person.

Birthdays and anniversaries are special events deserving of a special cake. Surely cakes are the epitome of this?

Shop all of our cakes and find something that is perfect for you. Customise your cake to find something perfect for your day. Add flowers, gold leaf, banners –  whatever you want to get the cake just for you.

Our cakes are baked with love and care, ensuring you find something that you love.

Not around to make the order? No problem! Just order online to create the perfect cake for your loved one. A birthday isn’t a birthday without a cake. All of our cakes are customised to perfection, giving you just what you want.

We have a cake suited to everyone. With our classic birthday cake suiting everyone, our splatter cake designed to be a little different and our fruit and floral adding a touch of elegance. All of our cakes can be tailored to suit nearly every dietary requirement out there. No matter what, we can give you something to suit the event.

All you have to do is order a cake with us from Bakealicious, add your unique message, customise it as you want and pay. We will handle the rest, having your cake ready instore for you on the chosen day.

All of our birthday cakes have a two day lead time, meaning you have to get your order in on time to guarantee we will make it.

Our cakes are ideal for all events, not just birthdays, making them the best option out there no matter the day.

Create a cake that perfectly reflects your day. It won’t just be the sort of cake you will buy off the shelf from a big supermarket chain. Buy it and wow your guests. Or, maybe buy it for somebody else as a big surprise. What says I care for you more than a beautiful cake? Just go ahead and order online, designing your cake on our website.

Make a memorable day even more memorable with a unique and elegant birthday cake. A cake is the perfect centerpiece for nearly any event, sure to keep people talking and reminiscing for weeks and months to come. Create the perfect cake for you and your event.

Our cakes are sure to amaze everyone, both visually and with their great tastes. From someone who doesn’t want a duss all the way up to those who want a bit of razzmatazz and panache. Celebrate your birthday your way.

After all of that, you should know you don’t have to worry about getting the cake that will make your day that little bit more special.