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You have brought a little bundle of joy into the world and now you have decided to have them christened which means you have a lot to organise! Not only do you have to arrange the church, the venue and catering, you have to arrange the christening cakes.

Just like choosing any other cake, getting your christening cake right is important because you want it to be perfect while reflecting on what the day is all about. 

Of course, to get it right means you have to do your homework and find out everything that there is to know about making the right decisions which will help you to choose the right cake.

Delivery of the Baptism Cake

As your christening day will be in the diary, you will need the cake completed by a specific time. You need to ensure that the baker can deliver on time because a christening without a cake is just not right.

The Design of the Baptism Cake

You may already have an idea for the cake. If this is the case then you can give your idea to us and let us create something similar.

If you have no idea at all then this is no problem at all, we can work with you to create something.

We will be able to show you some of our previous cakes to give you an idea of what we can do and what you may like.


If you have chosen a design that looks fantastic then you are going to want it to taste fantastic as well. We have a variety of flavours for you choose from. Obviously, layered sponge cakes are very popular but we also offer biscuit cakes which are great options too.

Christening Cake Dietary needs

It could be worth considering whether any guests have dietary requirements because there is nothing worse than having guests who cannot enjoy the cake. Ask your guest’s way in advance of making your order with us.

Be sure to consider all options for your christening cake to create something that will be perfect for your day. The perfect cake will look great and taste just as amazing.

So, if you are looking for a beautiful cake, made to the highest standards then Bakealicious would love to create it on this special day.

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