Picking a wedding cake for your big day is not easy, you have a tonne of considerations to make. However, we can help make it a lot easier with some of our wedding cake tips here. Read on to get all the information you need.

Get Some Tasters

Get a taste of what may be to come, and this is more than just the cakes. Going for a cake tasting allows you to meet with the bakery you will be dealing with. This will let you get an understanding of who they are and what kind of cake they can make. Having someone you can work with is vital for a good wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Tips – Pick The Style of Your Wedding Cake Last

This is one of our biggest wedding cake tips that people miss out on. The style and look of your wedding cake change very quickly and changing your cake style after you have put work into it can be difficult and annoying. Settle on this style once the reception and general wedding style have been settled on.

Leaving this till later will let you get a wedding that is a perfect match for the occasion.

Wedding Cake Tips – Know Your Guests

Meeting with the baker, getting an idea of what you want in terms of look and flavour and settling on a size is a bad idea if your guests change. Ordering a cake that won’t feed your guests or a cake that will leave you with an abundance of cake is a silly idea.

Know Some Basic Lingo

This will help you a lot when trying to convey what you want from the baker and from your cake. Knowing the difference between royal and buttercream icing, or your tiers from your layers is a simple thing that can help a lot.

Different Icing Gives Different Looks

The look that royal icing will give you is very different to that of royal icing. Buttercream icing is slightly rougher and more casual. It suits a more modern look and is very common these days on naked cakes or more rustic cakes. Royal icing is the classic look we all know. It is ornate and delicate in its looks and is far more formal than buttercream.